UWANT Cleaning Solutions Buying Guide: All You Need to Know

All modern cleaning products can’t do without cleaning solution, good cleaning solution can make household cleaning more efficient. 

Since there are three different types of UWANT Cleaning Solutions, you might wonder: What’s the difference? Which one should I buy? How long can it be used?...

No worries, here is a comprehensive guide for you. 

UWANT Deep Cleaning Solution:

With a strong cleaning formula, Deep Cleaning Solution is the most powerful solution that can effectively removes stubborn stains from home fabric and hard floor.

Notice:This is the only Cleaning solution that can be used on hard floor by UWANT X100, the other two solutions can not be used on hard floor.

UWANT Deep Cleaning Solution

Applicable for:UWANT X100 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner ; UWANT B100-E Multi Spot Cleaner

UWANT Textile Cleaning Solution:

With its aromatic scent and enduring fragrance, it is ideal for clearing stains from home textile. Leaving a fresh smell after cleaning.

UWANT Textile Cleaning Solution

Applicable for:UWANT B100-E Multi Spot Cleaner

UWANT Mite Control Cleaning Solution:

Specially tailored for mite removal, UWANT Mite Control Cleaning Solution can help you out If you're worried about mites on your home textile. According to the experimental report, the mite removal rate of Mite Control Cleaning Solution has reached 100%.

UWANT Mite Control Cleaning Solution

Applicable for:UWANT B100-E Multi Spot Cleaner

Which One should I buy?

You can make your choice by referring to the functions and applicability of different cleaning solutions mentioned above.

One bottle of cleaning solution can be used for 2-3 months. We recommend you to buy 3 - 4 bottles in one trip.

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How to use UWANT Cleaning Solutions?

Step 1: Fill Water Tank - Add proper amount of water according to the scale line.

Step 2: Pour cleaning liquid into measuring cup - Recommended ratio of 1:30 to water.

Step 3: Pour into the clean bucket - standard scale can also be used.

How to use UWANT Cleaning Solution

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