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X100 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Before Use

How many cleaning modes are there?

UWANT X100 has 3 cleaning modes: standard/boost, smart, and dry suction.

What is the difference between the three cleaning modes?

Smart mode automatically adjusts the suction power and water output according to the degree of ground dirtiness; dry suction mode vacuums alone without water.

How long is the battery life?

According to UWANT lab tests, X100 can be used for about 44 minutes in standard mode and 24 minutes in boost mode.

What kind of floors can this machine be used on?

UWANT floor vacuum can be used to clean all kinds of floors, including tiles, wood, etc. Different floor conditions may have a certain impact on the cleaning effect. It is not recommended for use on carpets or outdoors.

Can I use it on carpet?

Not recommended for use on carpet. Because the carpet will produce friction with the roller brush, and the roller brush speed will be affected by the friction and will report an error.

Will the brush scratch surface or dull floor?

The brush works well on hard floors without causing any damage to it. It is also recommended to test any accessories before using them on sensitive surface areas

How loud is the machine when it is in use?

It can reach about 75 dbs, which is a little louder than a household washing machine.

What are the differences between UWANT X100 and other scrubbers?

UWANT patented double roller brush system, the front roller brush scrubs the floor and the rear roller brush wipes the floor, which can form a water film and dry quickly. The base has an original hair cutting function that prevents hair from entangling on the roller brushes.

During Use

Why does the charging status icon keep flashing while charging?

The charging status icon keeps flashing to indicate that it is charging, and it will stop flashing when the battery is charged to 100%.

How to charge the battery pack?

Put the machine back in the tray and plug in the charger, it will start charging and stop automatically after being fully charged.

Will the machine stop automatically when it is fully charged?

After the machine is fully charged on the base, there will be automatic power-off protection (it will enter the power-off protection after fully charged) and there is on impact on the battery when being placed on the base for a long time.

Does the machine consume electricity when it is not in use? Will it charge automatically after running out of power?

If you do not use it for a long time, please fully charge the machine at least once every 3 months.

How much area can be cleaned after one charge?

According to the UWANT laboratory test, the cleaning area can reach about 300m² in standard mode.

Are the ingredients in the cleaning solution safe?

The ingredients of the solution are safe and simple, and friendly for mothers, babies and pets.

Can I use third-party solution?

We do not recommend the use of third-party cleaning fluids, as the X100 is designed to be used with UWANT detergent to optimize the number of air bubbles the detergent produces. Third-party detergent can create excessive air bubbles when cleaning, which can create false alarms that the wastewater tank is full.

Can I use bleach to clean floors?

We do not recommend using bleach as it may damage the machine.

What is the ratio of detergent to water?

According to the 600ml capacity of the clean water tank, we recommend pouring 15-20ml of detergent, and then adding water for dilution.

Does the water have to reach a certain temperature for cleaning?

Usually, ordinary tap water can be used for cleaning. Temperatures can range from 41°F to 130°F (5°C ~ 50°C) and overheating may cause machine failure.

Does it suck up large pieces like cereal, dog food, etc.?

X100 can handle small amounts of large garbage with ease. If a large amount of large waste is sucked, it may cause a blockage of the pipes.

Can it suck sand?

Be careful not to use it on the beach. Our products are suitable for mess, sticky spills and pet hair on all hard floors including hardwood, tile, laminate, vinyl, marble and linen floors. If it is used on sandy ground, please carry out deep cleaning in time.

Will the hair get tangled on the roller brush?

The UWANT base has a patented hair cutting function, which automatically cuts the hair during self-cleaning. Even with tangles, simply remove the roller brush and use the cleaning tool to remove hair tangles from the roller brush.

Why does the wastewater tank prompt that it is full when it is not?

Metal sensor is installed in the wastewater tank. During use, the water tank shakes and touches the critical point, which may trigger the sensor. Please pour out the wastewater in time and wipe the sensor.

How to use dry suction mode?

Press and hold the Mode button for 3 seconds to switch to dry suction mode.

How do I know when the clean water tank needs to be refilled?

You may find the LED flashing and a voice prompt to refill.

After Use

What power level is required for self-cleaning?

When the battery reaches 20, you can turn on self-cleaning.

Do I need to empty the wastewater tank before self-cleaning?

When cleaning with high water consumption, the wastewater tank may become full. Before self-cleaning, it is recommended to empty the wastewater tank and then fill up the clean water tank.

Why do water droplets splash out during self-cleaning?

After cleaning the wastewater tank, the water stains on the outer wall are not dried. There is an air outlet at the installation groove of the wastewater tank, which blows out the water stains on the outer wall of the wastewater tank during using or self-cleaning.

Why is there a peculiar smell when using it the day after cleaning?

It is recommended to remove the wastewater tank for cleaning after each use and self-cleaning. Remove the roller brush and place it on the base to dry, and clean the scraper in time.

Why does the machine not stop immediately after pressing the power button, but increases the suction?

There will be a delay of 3s after turning off, and the suction is increased to suck up the residual water.

Why are there water stains on the floor after turning off?

If it is used repeatedly in the same place, water spots may remain on the ground. You can use the dry suction mode to suck up any residual water on the floor.

Is the base removable? How to clean up?

The base is not removable. Do not rinse it directly under the faucet. It is recommended to wipe it with a rag.

How often are HEPA and roller brushes recommended to be replaced?

If you use it frequently, it is recommended to replace the roller brush every 12 months; HEPA should be replaced every 6-9 months. 

How often should the wastewater tank, roller brush and scraper be cleaned?

It is recommended to clean the wastewater tank after each use. After self-cleaning, take out the roller brush, and clean the scraper every week to avoid dirt residue and odor.

B100-E Multiple Spot Cleaner

Before Use

How noisy is the cleaner?

It adopts patented magnetic levitation noise reduction technology, which can greatly reduce the noise. The sound is about 65db, which is equivalent to the sound of a household low-power hair dryer. You can put a blanket on the bottom of the machine to reduce the noise.

How long is the cable? Will it be messy?

The length of cable is 5m. UWANT designed the function of one-touch cord collection to help you solve the problem of power cord storage.

What materials are suitable for cleaning with the fabric washer?

Generally, it can be cleaned as long as it can be washed with water. For expensive or lint-prone materials (wool carpets, leather sofas, latex mattresses), it is recommended to try cleaning in a small hidden area. If there is no problem, use it in a large area.

During Use

What is the ratio of cleaning solution?

After the clean water tank is taken out, you can see the scale lines on the tank (divided into large area and small area); the ratio of cleaning fluid is 1:30

For small area cleaning, fill in clean water to the lowest water level of 600ML and then pour 20ML of cleaning fluid

For large-area cleaning, fill 1800ML of clean water, and then pour 60ML of cleaning fluid (the water below 60°C to avoid damage to the water tank)

Can I mix three cleaning solutions? 

The three cleaning solutions are for different use scenarios and it is recommended to use them separately to achieve better cleaning results.

Why the cleaning effect is not good?

First determine the type of stain and how long has it been there. It is recommended to use dedicated cleaning fluid and not to add water for stains of a long time. Directly apply the cleaning fluid on the stain and let it stand for 20 minutes before brushing.

Why the surface is wet after washing?

It mainly restores the scene of washing machine cleaning. It is wet after washing with washing machine. The water is sprayed only before brushing, and then only vacuuming is needed. When vacuuming, keep the brush upright and press down. In fact, vacuuming is the same as drying hair. The longer you blow it, the more dry it will be.

Can it use cold water with this machine?

Usually, ordinary tap water can be used for cleaning. Temperatures can range from 41°F to 130°F (5°C ~ 50°C) and overheating may cause machine failure.

What is the self-clean function? How to start?

When you press the self-clean button, the machine will flush the pipe and nozzle with water to eliminate the dirt in the pipe, avoid odor after use, and eliminate the trouble of disassembly and hand washing

Why the sudden shutdown?

Why the sudden shutdown?

After Use

How to carry out daily maintenance?

After use, put the brush flat on the ground according to the instruction manual, press the self-clean button to automatically clean the brush and hose, then pour out the wastewater and clean the water tank to avoid odor.