UWANT B100-E Mehrpunktreiniger

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Patentiertes selbstreinigendes Design hält sowohl Rohre als auch Bürsten sauber

Halten Sie die Selbstreinigungstaste gedrückt, um die Bürsten und das gesamte Rohr automatisch mit sauberem Wasser zu spülen, wodurch Bakterienwachstum und unangenehmer Geruch vermieden werden können, und es besteht keine Notwendigkeit, von Hand zu waschen.

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Let's Answer Your Questions

After the clean water tank is taken out, you can see the scale lines on the tank (divided into large area and small area); the ratio of cleaning fluid is 1:30.

For small area cleaning, fill in clean water to the lowest water level of 600ML and then pour 20ML of cleaning fluid.

For large-area cleaning, fill 1800ML of clean water, and then pour 60ML of cleaning fluid (the water below 60°C to avoid damage to the water tank.

First determine the type of stain and how long has it been there. It is recommended to use dedicated cleaning fluid and not to add water for stains of a long time. Directly apply the cleaning fluid on the stain and let it stand for 20 minutes before brushing.
This fabric washer adopts patented magnetic levitation noise reduction technology, which can greatly reduce the noise. The sound is about 65db, which is equivalent to the sound of a household low-power hair dryer. You can put a blanket on the bottom of the machine to reduce the noise.

Generally, it can be cleaned as long as it can be washed with water. For expensive or lint-prone materials (wool carpets, leather sofas, latex mattresses), it is recommended to try cleaning in a small hidden area. If there is no problem, use it in a large area.

After use, put the brush flat on the ground according to the instruction manual, press the self-clean button to automatically clean the brush and hose, then pour out the wastewater and clean the water tank to avoid odor.

The fabric washer mainly restores the scene of washing machine cleaning. It is wet after washing with washing machine. The water is sprayed only before brushing, and then only vacuuming is needed. When vacuuming, keep the brush upright and press down. In fact, vacuuming is the same as drying hair. The longer you blow it, the more dry it will be.

1. First check whether the clean water tank is filled with water (some user may fill clean water into the wastewater tank)

2. The brush is not in good contact; disassemble the brush and reinstall it

3. The small filter at the installation position of the clean water tank is blocked (take out and clean separately)

1. First check whether the clean water tank or the wastewater tank is leaking

2. If the wastewater tank is leaking, reinstall the wastewater tank cover

3. If the clean water tank is leaking, check whether the plug at the bottom of the tank has fallen off

4. If the above steps do not work, ask for after-sales service

1. First check whether the two ends of the hose are installed reversely

2. Check the looseness of the brush (it is normal if the brush can be pulled out without pressing the buckle)

3. The connection of the brush can only be pulled out with force, and it will not fall off automatically during use

4. If the brush can easily fall off, ask for after-sales service

What’s in the Box

What’s in the Box