How to Choose the Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner in the Market?

1.Why do I need a wet dry vacuum cleaner?

1.1 Replace traditional cleaning appliances

Pain points of traditional cleaning appliances:

  1. There are too many cleaning tools. Everything from brooms for garbage, mops for wet clean-ups, and rags for floor cleaning
  2. Cleaning tools require far too much labor and time
  3. Tight corners and blind area is not easy to clean
How to Choose the Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner in the Market?


1.2 Disadvantages of holding vacuum cleaners and floor sweepers

Handheld vacuum cleaner:

  1. Only dry garbage can be vacuumed, and wet garbage cannot be
  2. It’s suction power only clean to the surface. It’s deep cleaning performance is poor

Robotic vacuum cleaner:

It is difficult for a robotic vacuum cleaner to achieve the same cleaning effect as a human because the robotic vacuum is relying solely on hardware and algorithms. The robotic vacuum cleaner is also very poor at mopping the floor.

1.3 Operating scenarios and basic functions of wet dry vacuum cleaner

Enabling scenarios: deep cleaning is carried out for complex scenarios such as in kitchens (where we have heavy oil and various forms of dirty and debris), in bathrooms (where we encounter hair, and dirt and debris can be wet). With a wet dry vacuum cleaner, wet and dry garbage can be cleaned up at the same time.

UWANT X100 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

General functions:

  1. Wet/dry vacuums are equipped with an independent cleaning tank and sewage tank to separate clean water and sewage. The cleaning tank continues operating in order to keep the roller brush relatively clean, and the sewage tank collects all dry wasteand wet
  2. Sweeping&mopping: Through the suction generated by the machine, the wet roller brush adsorbs garbage and cleans the floor
  3. Self-Cleaning: Generally speaking, the wet/dry vacuum is equipped with an intelligent base station designed to clean the roller brush, and to transfer all sewage to the sewage tank

 Features: A. deep cleaning B. strong convenience

UWANT X100 Wet Dry Vacuum

2.What functions should a good wet dry vacuum cleaner have

2.1 selection of general functions

  • A. Number of rolling brushes:

Single roller brush (Example: Bissell, Dreame, Tineco)

Advantages: light and flexible

Disadvantages: Generally, the single roller brush machine will have two wheels to maintain balance, and it is easy to leave wheel marks when cleaning

Double roller brush

Advantages: high cleaning efficiency

Disadvantages: heavy

Conclusion: High cleaning efficiency is a key factor. Our suggestion is that you select wet dry vacuums with double roller brush.

  • B . Intelligent mode

The gear can be adjusted automatically according to the degree of dirt on the ground

Conclusion: Select wet dry vacuums with intelligent mode

  • C. Water Tank capacity

Higher tank capacity has more advantages, such as reducing the number of times you need to clean and decontaminate.

Conclusion: Select one with a water tank capacity of more than 500ml

  • D. Battery life

The longer the Battery life is, the more area you’ll be able to clean. The worry about Battery life has always been an important indicator for assessing dust collection products. Many machines can only run for about ten minutes especially in high gear.

 No one wants to find that their machine is out of power when it’s only cleaned half of the room, and the charging time is often more than four hours.

Conclusion: Select a wet dry vacuum that can be used for more than 35 minutes. The longer the time, the better.

  • E. Self-cleaning Function

The cleaning tank will wash the roller brush with clean water, and then suck the sewage back to the sewage tank through the suction of the machine. It is important to have this function, which can greatly reduce the number of times you need to clean and degree of ordinary cleaning. It is recommended to choose one with many cleaning functions and a long cleaning time. The more functions and the longer the time, the cleaner it will always be.

Conclusion: Select wet dry vacuums with self-cleaning functions, and the more cleaning functions the better, such as hair cutting, roller brush drying, etc.

  • F. App features

You can view the cleaning status of the wet dry vacuum cleaner on the app, and adjust the gear, language, volume, etc. Unlike robotic vacuums, the function of the wet dry vacuum cleaner can be switched directly on the main machine. Using a smartphone makes the operation of the machine very difficult.

Conclusion: App features are useless

  • G. Screen

There are vacuum cleaners with screens and vacuum cleaners without screens. The screen is divided into LCD screen and LED screen.

Try to choose one with a screen, and the operation will be more convenient. LED is more cost-effective and LCD just looks more cool.

It is recommended to choose one with a LED screen, which has basic functions. The price of one with an LCD screen is high. It is unnecessary to pay too much attention to the display effect for a cleaning machine.

Conclusion: Choose a wet dry vacuum with an LED screen, it’s more cost-effective.

  • H. Voice function

Wet dry vacuums with a voice function has the capability to broadcast the state of the machine and the abnormal state of the machine. Occasionally, it can judge the state of the machine and the cause of fault through the voice function.

Conclusion: Select a wet dry vacuum with voice functions.

  • I. Weight

The general weight is between 4.4-5.5kg. The weight difference between the machines is not obvious, and the wet dry vacuum cleaner is generally equipped with “Power-assist”, so the influence of weight is not of significance. Only when the machine needs to be moved frequently will weight be considered.

Conclusion: Choose a wet dry vacuum with good power-assist, and the weight will become practically irrelevant.

  • J.Noise

The noise level of all vacuums is relatively high, generally between 70-78 dB. The difference in noise between different wet dry vacuum cleaner is not the focus of selection

Conclusion: Focusing on noise output is useless.

2.2 Advanced function: invisible pairs

2.2.1 Cleaning (refers to the ability to deal with garbage and stains)

What needs to be popularized is that whether it is a robotic vacuum, a handheld vacuum cleaner or a wet dry vacuum cleaner, the cleaning power of the product directly depends on the amount of friction produced by the roller brush on the ground and the pressing force on the ground. This principle is similar to brushing clothes (friction) and mopping the ground (depression).

  • Factors affecting cleaning power:

Friction and depression:they are very important. The greater the pressing force, the closer the roller brush is to the ground, and the better the cleaning effect will be. In this regard, it is recommended to choose a machine with double roller brushes, because the machine with double roller brushes has a heavier body, which has a better depression than single roller brushes. This is because the weight of the double roller brush is on the front and rear, and the weight of the single roller brush is generally on the two wheels behind the bottom brush.

Conclusion: Choose one with double roller brushes.

  • Brush speed:

Not important. Rotation speed is not the key determinant. On the contrary, if the rotation speed is too fast, the resistance to the ground per unit of time will be greater, and the motor and belt driving the brush will not be able to withstand it. Therefore, in order to reduce the resistance, the wet dry vacuum cleaner with a fast rotation speed will not be very close to the ground, resulting in a poor cleaning effect.

Conclusion: Brush speed is useless

  • Whether there is a scraping strip:

When the roller brush rolls, dirt and garbage will temporarily adhere to the roller brush, and it needs to be scraped to the suction point by the scraping strip. If there is no such scraping strip design, the cleaning power will drop a lot.

Conclusion: Select the one with a scraping strip.

  • Power:

Power directly determines the effectiveness of vacuum. The greater the power, the greater the suction. It is better to choose a cleaning machine with high power.

Conclusion: Select the one with high power.

  • Suction:

The greater the suction, the stronger the cleaning energy. However, current wet dry vacuum cleaners generally do not indicate the magnitude of suction. Moreover, the test of the suction force of the vacuum cleaners should be measured at the suction port of the vacuum cleaners, but at present, much of the marked data is not the data at the suction point. Therefore, the suction is only for reference and is not a decisive factor.Number of suction ports of the bottom brush: one is the best. There is only one fan of the main engine. If there are two or more suction ports of the bottom brush, the suction will be distributed to different suction ports, resulting in attenuation of suction.

Conclusion: Select the product with only one suction port at the bottom

  • Cleaning volume per unit time

Roller brush length: the longer the roller brush length, the greater the cleaning area per unit time.

Number of rolling brushes: Two rolling brushes delivers the equivalent to cleaning twice. That’s twice as much as the single rolling brush.

Conclusion: Choose one with double roller brushes.

  • Edge cleaning

For the cleaning of the edge of the ground, the closer the roller brush is to the wall, the better. After testing, the distance from the different wet dry vacuum cleaners to the edge of the wall is between 8mm and 18mm. The difference is about 1cm, the difference is not big.

Conclusion: Select one with an edge-cleaning design.

UWANT X100 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner

2.2.2 Convenience

  • Weight

As mentioned before, if it is not necessary to move the wet dry vacuum cleaner frequently, it will not be taken as a key consideration

Conclusion: Select the one with good power-assist

  • Power-assist

It is very important. Select the machine that has power assist. It is better to choose a machine that has forward and backward power-assist. Our natural motion is to mop the ground in a forward and backward motion - that is, to push forward one time and pull back one time. So it is important to have both forward and backward power-assist 

Conclusion: Choose one with forward&backward power assist

UWANT X100 Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner
  • Startup&Shutdown

Shutdown: select the machine that can stop immediately. Just turn the handle to the vertical position to stop cleaning, and it should be able to sit up straight without leaning against the wall.

Start up: The start-up mode is mainly divided into pedal start-up and pedal-free start-up. Select the pedal-free start-up machine, which is convenient and will not pollute the machine.

Conclusion: Select pedal-free start up and direct stop

Uwant X100

2.2.3 Maintenance

Here are some maintenance considerations to take into account:

  1. Whether it is convenient to disassemble and clean the cleaning tank
  2. Is there a moisture separation setting in the sewage tank
  3. Whether there is a way to handle the winding hair of the roller brush
  4. Whether the suction port and pipeline are easy to clean 

3. Conclusion: uwant is your best choice 


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  • Easily tackle both wet and dry messes with a single tool
  • Simple forward and backward power-assisted motion makes maneuvering around hard to reach areas a breeze
  • Our patented automated pet hair cutting feature offers a one-touch self-cleaning brush
  • Enjoy 44-minutes of battery life with 3-hour fast charging
  • Cleans up to 300㎡ easily.