An innovative way of smart cleaning

UWANT is a new generation of high-end cleaning home appliance brand under Meitian Company. Its main products include fabric cleaning machines, mites removers, floor washing machines, sweeping robots and steam mops. Experience, first-line quality and touching products are committed to bringing innovation and change to the home lifestyle of the younger generation, integrating simple design and outstanding experience into each product, so that high-quality products full of surprising experience and warmth can satisfy The younger generation yearns for a better home life.

Global Teams - Best Professional Service

We have local warehouses in Poland, the U.S. East and Japan in order for you to receive your packages faster. Not only that, three after-sales centers in the U.S. East, Italy and Japan enable worry-free shopping.

Our Factory

The producer is connected to Chunguang Technology,
the biggest seller of cleaning electrical parts worldwide. The 17,000 square meter assembly facility employs 280 people, including more than 40 technicians. It is the joint foundry of well-known companies including Midea, Chasing For, Puppy, Shark, and so forth. The factory presently has 7 production lines, and it can produce more than 1 million pieces annually.

Investor Relations

Angel round investment:
Millions of dollars invested by
ZhenFund and followed by
QingSong Fund in the early of 2021.

A round and A+ round investment
Tens millions of dollars invested by
Hillhouse capital in Sep 2021.

Technical Achievements

The R&D team is over 50 people and with our strong R&D capability, we have obtained over 100 patents in 2021.

The floor scrubber, fabric cleaner and mite remover are ranked first in the Chinese industry. And we have passed ISO9001 certification system and 3c certification at home and abroad.


Filed patents


Appearance patents


Expected patents

Multimedia Report

Uwant as a new brand was already serviced more than 100 thousand families and all of the three products are hot selling and popular in Alibaba Tmall. The capability of making hot selling product is the key point why they awarded.

Domestic sales rank top1

The TOP 1 item of multiple spot cleaner in China.
The TOP 1 item in the High-end dust mite remover industry.
The TOP 1 item in the cordless wet dry floor cleaner.

Our Mission

We design and manufacture innovative cleaning appliances, continue to create value for users with innovation, for you to find better home cleaning solutions.