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Global Launch

UWANT X100 Cordless All-in-one Floor Cleaner

  • Patented Double Roller Brushes

    Enable twice the scrubbing power in less time.

    Clean both dry and wet spills leaving a clean finish.

  • Patented pet hair cutting device

    Innovative automated technology includes a hair cutting and brush cleaning system for a complete device clean.

  • One-touch self-cleaning

    After cleaning, you can put it back on the base and start self-cleaning. Deep self-cleaning can be completed in 3.5 mins. 

  • Long battery life

    44 minutes long battery life, 3 hours fast charging, easy to cover 300m2 apartment.

Delivery Notice: 

EU/US warehouses are both In Stock now.

All-in-One Multi-Surface Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaning Master.

Put away mops and buckets once and for all, one cleaning is equivalent to two thanks to the twin roller brush design. X100 are designed to remove the dirt you can see and the dirt you can't. Whether your floor is ceramic, marble, wood, or laminate, the Uwant X100 will remove grease and grime, removing dust, debris and mud marks.  


Patented double roller brushes

Double roller brushes enable twice the scrubbing power in less time. Clean both dry and wet spills leaving a clean finish. Forward and backward power-assisted motion makes cleaning a breeze.

Forward and Backward Power-Assist

Unique two-way power-assisted design. Push and pull with effortless control. Independent dry rear brush removes all water stains. Unique two-way power assist design, push and pull easily to realize smooth control.

Powerful battery life for 44 minutes of cleaning

The UWANT X100 uses 8 high-end 4000mAh batteries with a 115.2kW.h storage capacity giving you more cleaning time for your whole house. 3-hour ultrafast charging means you’re ready for what life throws at you next.

One-touch Self-cleaning with Automatic Hair Cutting

If your headphones are running low on power, a 10-minute quick charge will give you up to 90 minutes of play time. Ideal if you're rushing around from place to place.

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about uwant

An innovative way of smart cleaning

Our Brand

UWANT focuses on the market for intelligent home cleaning products and provides industrial design, technological innovation, R & D, production, and sales services. With the motto "an innovative technique of smart cleaning" and resolving user problems when using cleaning products as the goal, everyone can take pleasure in a clean, cozy, good-healthy living.

Our Factory

The producer is connected to Chunguang Technology, the biggest seller of cleaning electrical parts worldwide. It is the joint foundry of well-known companies including Midea, Dreame and Shark. The factory presently has 7 production lines, and it can produce more than 1 million pieces annually.

Our Achievements

The R&D team is over 50 people, we have obtained over 100 patents in 2021. The floor scrubber, fabric cleaner and mite remover are ranked first in the Chinese industry. And we have passed ISO9001 certification system and 3c certification at home and abroad.

Angel round investment

Millions of dollars invested by ZhenFund and followed by QingSong Fund in the early of 2021.

A round and A+ round investment

Tens millions of dollars invested by Hillhouse capital in Sep 2021.

Our Team

 Our team has three offices in China, covering product development, industrial design, marketing and other work functions, with a total of 310 office staff.

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Commonly asked

Commonly asked

When is the starting time? How long is the warm-up period? When is the official delivery?

The launch is divided into a warm-up period and the official period.

The warm-up period July 18-22, the official period is July 23 to August 31. 

The warm-up period is 5 days in total.

All products officially shipped on the July 26rd

Does Europe ship at the same time as the US?

Europe starts shipping from July 26th, USA from August 19th

How long does it take to complete an order?

After receiving your order, pending the official period (26rd start shipping) we will send out within 2 working days, and you will generally receive the package within 7-15 working days.

Whether the 5% discount code can also use at the same time?

Only one coupon is supported per order. Packages and coupons are not available at checkout.

Whether the return policy also suitable for the gifts?

Return policy is temporarily not applied to gifts.